Thursday, July 21, 2011

Man that's harsh...

I realized after, I never really went into why I don't like the automatic carraige return on this mode.  It isn't soft.  I believe it is one of the first power carraige returns developed - and power is the correct word.  It slams from left to right when you press that POWER RETURN key (yes, they capitalized it on the key).  Even with the rubber feet it was sliding around on my desk.  And while I don't mind the hum, and I can get over the volume of the key strikes, that WHAM!!! on the carraige return shakes me a bit.  So much so that I refered to it as a typewirter.  I much prefer the manual return on the Electra 120 model, where it has a closer rhythm to a fully manual with some extra speed.

SCM Smith-Corona Electra 220
6ELE 256787

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