Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Olympia SM-7 - Repairs


Olympia SM-7
S/N:  2029804
c. 1962

Many photos to come.


Ted said...

ooh, please post photos! It must be wonderful to be able to handcraft replacement typewriter parts at home (:

Welcome to the Typosphere!

Paul said...

This is a ridiculously late follow up, 9 years later.... but in a Typewriter group on facebook - someone else had the same issue.

The thread of discussion revealed it is likely not the fracture causing the issue, but the CORK inserts that swell over time . The recommend using epoxy/JB Weld to repair the fracture, and then sanding down the cork a tiny bit.

I honestly can't remember how badly fractured mine were, but I did keep them, so will need to relook at them. Haven't used it much, so if there is a concern, no damage has been done at least.